We Donate 60% Profit to Animal Rescue. 

We depend on animal shelters to do the hard work related to caring for stray animals. Anyone who loves animals has probably considered donating to their local animal shelter, at least. We realised that the miserable situation of all homeless animals around the world is in sharp contrast to the existence of our pampered pets, let us support them together.

You shop for your pets, Pet Pro Supplies donates 60% profit to animal rescues, our email subscribers will receive a financial report and donation invoices every 6 months.


Proudly partnered with Second Chance Animal Rescue.

"We are a community based charity run by vet professionals, animal-loving volunteers and foster carers. Operating since 2008, we rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats due to be euthanised at pounds and shelters across Victoria and offer them a Second Chance at finding their Forever homes. We also have an onsite community based open-to-the-public Veterinary Clinic, where we provide discounted rates to help people keep their animals safe and healthy."

                                                                                                               -  Second Chance Animal Rescue 


 Fundraiser of PetRescue.

"PetRescue is a national animal welfare charity like no other. We help save thousands of lives every month by looking at the big picture, disrupting the status quo and finding innovative tech solutions to the biggest challenges facing rescue pets in Australia.

We were disruptors before ‘disruption’ became an overused buzzword. In 2004, we launched the first national pet adoption website to help rescue pets, who may otherwise go unnoticed, find a new family to love for life. Today, our free programs and services help millions of Australians discover the joy of adopting a new family member and help more than 1,000 rescue organisations, shelters and pounds save the lives of thousands of rescue pets."

                                                                                                      -  PetRescue

SHOP TODAY and help us support animal shelters, bring every single homeless paw to someone who loves them.

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